Fish Like a Pro: Fast and Active

Want to catch more fish and pull in bigger trophies? Check out these fishing tips and tricks from the pros.

Kevin VanDam, arguably the best angler of all time, uses a simple technique for the foundation of his fishing. It’s simple, easy, and you can use it the next time you hit the water...

Whenever you listen to a Kevin VanDam interview, watch one of his many online videos, or read one of his numerous fishing articles, a common theme always comes up: he likes to fish fast. KVD (as his fans know him) has often called himself a “power fisherman." He is constantly on the move, trying to cover as much water as possible in as little time as he can.

This is a really simple, basic, and universal technique. Simply put, cast fast, cast often, and keep moving. While you may have been taught that fishing is a sport of patience, KVD would tell you to get impatient and never spend too much time in one area. If you have a trolling motor, keep it on high to cover as much water as you can.

While Kevin VanDam has used this technique for success with bass, this style is effective for pursuing any species. From saltwater fish to muddy-river cats, if you don’t catch something within the first few casts, try your luck elsewhere.

KVD has admitted that the technique can have disadvantages. There may be an inactive fish in your area that needs some time to make a strike, but with KVD’s style, you’ll have moved on before the fish gets going. With that said, you can’t argue with the results of KVD’s career. 

 Best Bass Lures for Fast Fishing

Kevin VanDam has noted a few different types of lures that he prefers for his active fishing style. Spinnerbaits are one of his favorites, as these allow you to fish in a wide variety of conditions. You can buzz the spinnerbait just below the surface to keep it above structures, or you can let it drop lower to target bass that may be hiding down low. Another lure type that KVD prefers is crankbaits, which use a bill to dive to a certain depth. There are numerous types of crankbaits, but in general, the bigger the bill, the deeper the dive.

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