Pros Picks: Sarah Parvin

Pros Picks: Sarah Parvin

We sat down with our pro partner, Sarah Parvin, to discover her summer essentials while guiding trips and managing ‘The Slab Lab.’ Sarah and her Dad built an impressive 5.27-acre pond that was originally meant to grow trophy bass, however, a tragic fish loss turned into an opportunity for the father daughter duo. They now pride themselves on growing massive coppernose Bluegill. We asked Sarah what her go-to styles are for the Alabama heat, her favorite place to fish and a bucket-list fishing adventure.

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Huk: What is your favorite performance top?

SP: I absolutely love the Icon. I get the SPF protection I need without sweating to death. I'm known for having that hood up a lot! I wear the Icon all day in the Alabama heat and it's so lightweight and breathable.

Huk: What is a key element to the Icon top that makes you gravitate towards it more?

SP: I love the higher collar and the clean lines are very professional looking on the water. It also offers more sun protection. I find it performs just how I need it to and I love the look of the Icon hoodie in pictures and video. Very flattering! Win Win!

Huk: Do you have a favorite top and bottoms combo?

SP: I feel like any style top or bottom from the women's collection, co-mingles well. This years colors are bright and happy! I normally prefer neutral color tones so I was pleasantly surprised with Spring 2024's color selection. I still love my neutrals but this years colors are spot on!

Huk: Where is your favorite place to fish?

SP: My favorite place to fish (year round) is The Slab Lab. With the guided fishing trips and daily responsibilities it takes to operate our fishery, I don't get to travel much to fish.

Huk: If you could catch anything, what would it be?

SP: I will say, a tarpon on the fly is at the top of my bucket list and I would love to be able to make that dream a reality soon!