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Spring Bass Fishing: Tips For Catching

The spring months are a great time to be a bass angler. The fish are starting to stir after a long winter, and they are bulking up on food before and after the energy-draining spawn. No matter where you live, there are plenty of chances to catch bass in the spring. While it’s one of the best times for largemouth and smallish, the spring season still requires smart techniques and strategic angling.

Don’t let spring slip away, use these spring bass fishing tips and you’ll be catching more bass from March through June...

Think “Shallow Close to Deep”

Transition points are very active areas in the spring, so look for spots of shallow water near deep water and you’ll likely find a few bass. On lakes and rivers, areas near larger creeks are often full of fish. Use your depth finder or a depth map to locate coves, points, and break-lines.

Bass often spawn in shallower creeks, but they love the creeks that have nearby depth, giving them plenty of chances for food.

Cover Lots of Water

Really, this is a good tactic for any season; just ask Kevin VanDam. He’s used an aggressive, always-moving approach to become one of the most successful bass anglers of all time. During the spring, however, you should keep this philosophy close to heart, as bass are constantly moving positions.

Keep your trolling motor going and work as many areas as you can, giving two to five good casts to a spot and then moving on. When you do hook up, slow it down and meticulously work the area.

It might go against common sense, but don’t expect fish to be in that spot the next day, as spring bass are constantly shifting and bustling about.

The Warmer the Weather, the Shallower the Fish

After long periods of warm weather, you’ll likely find bass in shallower water. They love getting into warm areas that help them shake off the winter sluggishness, so after a week of bright, sunny days, hit the areas that you know are shallow. The opposite is true for cold weather. If it’s been cool and cloudy, the bass will likely be holding in deeper areas, such as original creek beds in reservoirs and deep pools in natural lakes. Stumps on old creek beds are excellent for cold-weather spring bass fishing.

Slow Things Down, Especially Before The Warmth Sets In

This is more of an early spring tactic, but before the warmth sets in, slow down your retrieve so sluggish bass have a chance to catch your lure. The cold water slows down a bass’s metabolism; they have less energy and less speed, so they’ll likely pass on a fast-paced baitfish. That slow-moving crankbait, however, looks like an irresistible meal.

Performance Apparel for Spring Bass Fishing 

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