Al Farace

Al Farace


LOCATION: Hunt Valley, MD


Craziest fish story?

Probably when I was fishing in Northern Alberta for my 16th birthday. I hooked a small two-pound walleye when suddenly a big 10-pound walleye came out of nowhere and grabbed the little one. Before it all registered in my brain, a gigantic 30lb Northern Pike came up and ate everything. I landed that pike—it was a fish of a lifetime for me.

Who got you into fishing?

My dad. He would take me and my older brothers to the O’Neil’s pond. It was so full of bass, and they’d bite a bare hook. I bought my first rig when I was 18 years-old: a 16-foot aluminum boat to use on Maryland’s “electric only” reservoirs. In my late 20s, I bought an 18-foot Bass Cat and dove head first into the Bassmaster Weekend Series. Eventually moved onto the Bassmaster Opens.

Where do you wish you were right now?

Anywhere in Hawaii.

Dream job if you weren't fishing?

Outdoor adventure guide in Colorado.

Least favorite part of your job?

If we are talking about fishing, it’s being away from home. If we are talking about my real job, I sit in a cubicle—enough said. Oh, and of course BASS Live is blocked at the office.

What makes a good fisherman?

Aside from experience and attitude, the ability to adapt in the moment is what makes a great fisherman and a successful tournament angler.

Something nobody knows about you?

I used to restore old Ford Broncos and sell them on Ebay back in the day.