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What to Wear While Deep-Sea Fishing

When heading out on a deep-sea fishing trip, consider the time of year, the predicted weather and safety when packing your gear. Although your mind is teeming with fantasies of the fish you’ll pull in, give some thought as to what you will bring with you so that you are fully prepared for a day out in the ocean.

Here are some essentials to bring when you’re going offshore fishing.

Protection from the Sun, Water, Wind and Rain

Fishing always puts you in the middle of the elements, whether you’re on a creek, lake or shore. When you’re heading out on a fishing expedition, what to wear while deep-sea fishing along with the lures and lines you’ll use.

The best advice for dressing for the sport of offshore fishing is to use lots of layers. Having a few extra items of clothing in your gear bag is much better than not having enough.

Appropriate, durable clothing that has SPF protection is essential. Contemplate your clothing materials. If you plan on fishing in cold or cloudy places, you may want to toss a fleece jacket into your gear bag. If the climate is relatively temperate, you can probably get by with a t-shirt, a long-sleeved shirt and a raincoat.

Tops for Offshore Fishing

You can double up a long-sleeved shirt under a t-shirt for warmth, but you can also strip down for mobility and breathability. An impervious fishing raincoat that is weight-dependent for the climate and a hat are also essential.

Some gear has SPF built into the material to add extra sun protection. For example, the Huk Icon X apparel, which has an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) of 50, or the Pursuit series from Huk, with a UPF of 30, will both help to protect from harmful sun rays. These shirts, made by anglers for anglers, are quick-drying due to their moisture-wicking material. Always remember that light-colored clothing deflects intense sunlight, making it easier to stay cool.


Bottoms for Offshore Fishing

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Depending on the climate, look for either long pants or shorts made from breathable, loose material, but not so loose that the fabric can get caught in any equipment on the boat.

While it may be warm close to shore, out in deeper waters, it can quickly cool down and get very windy. When in doubt, bring a pair of shorts and a pair of pants.

If the climate is warm enough, you may want to opt for swim trunks instead of shorts. They’ll come in handy if you want to go for a quick dip.

Head Protection

For years, medical professionals have urged daily sunblock use and protection from the sun with hats or SPF 50+. However, protecting oneself from UV rays isn’t just about bringing along sunblock.

Deep-sea anglers are on the water for hours at a time. Although most will protect themselves from the sun above, not many account for the reflective glare off the water. A hat with a full brim can provide some protection, but the reflection of the sun on the water can also burn skin and cause irreversible damage.

A gaiter pulls up over your neck, chin and mouth to offer full fishing sun protection from UV rays bouncing off the water and into your face. They come in stylish colors for men, women and young adults.

If gaiters aren’t really your thing, a hoodie can provide ample sun protection and keep you warm. Many of these hoodies from Huk are fleece-lined, so no matter what the weather, you’ll be prepared.


When thinking about protecting yourself from the sun, you may forget to include your hands. When you’re deep-sea fishing, your hands are continuously out in the elements handling rough, sharp materials and exposed to saltwater spray and sun.

Fishing gloves are great for blocking UV rays from your hands. They’re also anti-microbial and moisture-wicking, so your hands will stay safe, relatively dry and out of the sun.


There are plenty of fishermen that leap around their crafts barefoot, and that’s fine. But there’s nothing worse than severe sunburn on the tops of feet or a foot injury in the middle of a deep-sea fishing trip.

If you’re wondering what to wear on your feet while deep-sea fishing, opt for rubber-soled, non-skid shoes that are made of breathable material to ensure that your feet are neither too hot nor too cold.


Ready to Go Out on the Ocean?

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When heading out to hit the deep waters, you are probably more intent on what you’re casting with than what you’re wearing. However, one of the essential choices you’ll make comes before you pick bait or lures. Appropriate, durable clothing can make or break a deep-sea fishing trip.

At Huk, we design fishing-specific clothing with built-in SPF made of lightweight, moisture-wicking material. Made for anglers by anglers, we know what you need when you’re out on the open ocean.