KC Scott: Behind the Design

KC Scott: Behind the Design

The first time you see KC Scott's artwork, it takes a moment to realize that you're looking at a painting and not a photograph. His paintings of fish—the sort of trophies that most anglers only dream of catching—are often described as lifelike. But in many ways, they feel more real than even the best photography. KC's paintings capture the nuance and vibrancy of the underwater world. The light piercing the surface, the turbulence of the water, the subdued shimmer of the fish's scales... It's like you're in the water with the fish yourself.

Lots and lots of time spent on and in the water followed by countless hours at the easel....

KC only paints subjects he's encountered in real life during his many fishing and diving adventures.

Thanks to the influence of his father and grandfather, KC developed a passion for the outdoors at an early age. Growing up on Gull Lake in Richland, Michigan, all the watery adventures the young KC could handle were literally out his back door. He was also introduced to the joys of the ocean and the creatures that call it home during his family's annual vacations to the Florida Keys. It was these early experiences fishing and spending time outdoors that filled a deep well of inspiration that would later provide source material for his career as a world-class marine artist.

Today, KC lives and creates in West Palm Beach, Florida, where he indulges in the activities that inspire his artwork—sportfishing, spearfishing, and freediving. In the studio, he mainly works with oil paint, priding himself on his painstaking efforts to make every fish and marine creature he depicts anatomically correct. He completes around five major works every year, and his work has gained worldwide notoriety among anglers and art critics alike.

KC Scott and Huk Team Up

KC has made a name for himself as an apparel designer, teaming up with Huk to create the Huk KC Scott Collection of performance fishing gear. With Huk's world-class clothing and gear as a platform, KC Scott’s art stands as an ode to the on-the-water action that anglers perpetually crave and pursue.

In this collection, energetic scenes like breaching marlin, sailfish crushing bait, and redfish tailing for blue crabs decorate the backs of Huk Pursuits, Huk Short Sleeve Tees along with many other designs. These bring KC's oil paintings to life on what many anglers would agree is one of the most essential pieces of gear, and there are many board short options as well.

But the Huk KScott line isn't just for saltwater anglers. New designs feature some of KC's original works of the freshwater variety, including largemouth bass gulping bluegills, lurking schools of walleye, and smallmouth bass diving for crawfish.

The partnership between KC Scott art and Huk couldn't be better matched. A sincere appreciation for the outdoors and a burning drive to pursue big, feisty fish keeps us striving to provide the best gear for the lifestyle.

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