First to the Fish

First to the Fish

A hardcore angler's job starts way before the morning-of. Countless hours have gone into prepping the boat and gear. Now, it's finally time to enjoy the satisfaction of getting out, and being first to the fish.

The alarm clock goes off, but you are already 3 cups in and dressed for the day. It’s impossible to sleep in thinking about the day on the water ahead.

On any given Monday you’ll hit snooze 3 or 4 times but not today. The dedication and prep work that went into the day ahead is unmatched, but this is your way of life, and you wouldn't have it any other way

As you head to the marina, the excitement of the day ahead has set in. Fresh ice in the fish box, every line double-checked, bait prepped, boat fueled and it's time to untie from the dock before others stop to grab a cheap gas station burrito.

Seaspray is inevitable as you gun the boat across the water, but you're prepared. Geared head to toe, cutting through the wind, water and fog. We've all learned the hard way what happens when you forget the essentials.

As the sun peaks over the horizon, and there's mirrored water at daybreak. There's the same though racing through our head: this is what we live for.

Making the first pinpoint cast, setting the first line in the water or perfectly running lure is done with second-nature precision and ease

We live for this, and refuse to let life, and the petty problems, bad weather, or lame excuses stop us from being a part of the sport we love. We fish.

Uniting all anglers to be First to the Fish.