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Tackle Box Organization: Fishing Tips from Huk

by Huk Gear February 04, 2016

You know the perfect lure is around here somewhere, but no matter what you do you can’t seem to find it.

You dig and search in your tackle box, pulling out random lures that you forgot about years ago...and you still can’t find the one you need.

If only you had organized your tackle box.

Elite anglers know that an organized tackle box is essential for fishing success. It allows you to get the right lure quickly, ensuring a successful day on the water, no matter where you go.

Empty the Box

This is like pulling off the bandage. Do it fast and get it over with. You’ll be much happier when it’s over. Take everything, and we mean everything, out of your tackle box. Empty out all the shelves, cubbies, cases, and sections and wipe down the tackle box. While you’re at it, take a vacuum cleaner and suck out all the little bits of trash and dust. Now your box is ready to be reloaded.

Separation Leads to Happiness

Take the time to separate the tackle by broad categories. Take all the spinnerbaits, crankbaits, soft plastics, top-waters, chatterbaits, and more, and create separate piles for each. When this is done, you can start putting them back in the box in an organized fashion.

If you want to get even more detailed, try organizing them by color. For example, in your crankbait area, go from dark to light so you can easily grab the color you want.

Put Soft Plastics in Baggies

Take all your loose soft plastics and put them in plastic baggies, organizing them as needed. The best technique here is to organize by type. Put the worms in one, the newts in another, the crawfish in get the idea.

Use Plastic Containers for the Small Stuff

You’ve got swivels. You’ve got leaders. You’ve got sinkers and hooks. Put them into small containers that will fit in your tackle box. Plastic pill jars or film canisters work great, as long as they keep the small, metal components separated.

Labels are Your Friend

How are you going to find what you need, when you need it? Use labels so you spend less time searching for the right item and more time fishing. Label your bags, boxes, and tackle box drawers so you know where to go immediately.

Follow Through

Organizing a tackle box is like swinging a golf club: for the best results, you need to follow through. Don’t just organize the tackle box and forget it. Take the time to reorganize every week or month, depending on how much you fish. Put lures back in the right spot and make sure everything is neat and clean.

Get Rid of Excess

You can only cast one lure at a time. Do you need 30 spinnerbaits, 50 crankbaits, and 5 large bags of soft plastics? Do yourself and your tackle box a favor by removing some items that you probably won’t use. If you’re having trouble deciding what to get rid of, consider this: if you didn’t use it last year, you probably won’t use it this year. Leave it at home in a spare container for future use.

With these simple tips, you’ll have an organized tackle box that helps you find the prefect lure quickly. You’ll spend less time searching and more time fishing.

Excellent Apparel for a Full Day of Fishing

An organized tackle box will mean happier fishing, and that means more hours on the water. If you plan on spending a day in the boat, make sure you have high-quality fishing apparel from Huk.

Huk Gear
Huk Gear

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