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December 09, 2015

Do you have an angler on your holiday gift list?

Anglers can be hard to shop for, because they often have everything they need. To find the best gift for an angler, you must be creative and inventive.

Luckily, your friends at Huk are here to help. With a little guidance, you can choose the best gift for any angler.

  1. General Fishing Tools

There are many tools that an angler will find useful. From needle-nose pliers to pocketknives to simple finger nail-clippers for cutting line; an angler can use all of them and then some. A filet knife, jaw-spreaders, or a new net would also be handy tools to keep in the boat.

  1. Unique or Different Baits

Your angler probably has a specific type of lure that they choose to use almost every time. Help them broaden their horizons by giving them a new type of bait. You can also choose something that will be more of a conversation piece than actual bait. A few ideas might include a top-water duckling, a hard-plastic bait with their favorite team’s logo, or a lure with lots of color and extravagant features.

  1. Fishing Magazines

There are many magazines that your angler will love, including publications that cover everything from bass to marlin. Whether the angler in your life is a deep-sea fisherman or dedicated to the fine art of fly-fishing, you can find something to capture their attention all year.

  1. Monthly Tackle Subscription

There are many companies that will deliver a monthly package or fishing lures straight to your home. While most of these cover bass fishing, you can find box subscriptions that deliver saltwater, panfish, and ice-fishing tackle.

  1. Polarized Sunglasses

Thanks to reduced glare, polarized sunglasses are popular among anglers and boats. They work by reducing intense reflected sunlight, giving you better vision and allowing anglers to scan the water with more accuracy.

  1. Waders

If your angler enjoys fishing in shallow rivers, or likes to wade into flats and other knee-deep areas, a pair of waders may be perfect. Your angler will be able to reach more locations, all while staying dry thanks to this thoughtful gift.

  1. New Fishing Rod and Reel

Every angler could use a new rod and reel. How can you find one that’s right for the angler on your gift list? There are a few options. First, look at their current selection of rods. Is there a brand that they seem to prefer? You could also talk with their fishing partners to see if they have any suggestions.

  1. Fishing Books

If your angler loves to read, a good book on fishing would make a great stocking-stuffer. You can go with a literary classic like The Old Man and the Sea or Moby Dick or choose an informative book like Field and Stream’s The Total Fishing Manual.

  1. Huk Performance Apparel

If you want to give your angler an advantage on the water, make sure they have the best apparel possible. You can choose from the most advanced apparel along with top-notch designs and styles.

Performance Fishing Apparel for Any Season

Visit the online store from Huk and you’ll find high-performance fishing shirts, jackets, hoodies, and more. Whether you are buying for yourself or all the anglers on your list, these are the pro fishing shirts that everyone should have.

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