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Fish Like the Pros: Mark Davis

by Huk Gear December 03, 2015

When you go fishing, how much do you think about the knots you use? How often do you inspect your line for kinks and crimps? Do you ever inspect your hooks to make sure they are nice and sharp so they give you a clean hook-set?

If you’re not doing these things, you should. Pro anglers need to put every detail to work in order to have consistent success.

One of the greatest examples of detailed fishing is Mark Davis, a member of Huk’s Pro Staff and host of Big Water Adventures on the Outdoor Channel. Keep reading to find out how attention to detail has made Mark Davis one of the best anglers on the water.

Success is in the Details

Many anglers get so caught up in the goal of catching a limit that they neglect the details of fishing. However, successful anglers are always paying attention to all the fine details, down to the smallest item.

You can look at the YouTube channel for Big Water Adventures to see how much Mark cares about the small details. Inside the channel, you’ll find information on fishing line, tips for replacing hooks, advice on perfectly tying knots, and how-to guides for filleting fish.

Mark travels all over the world to find fish, and while the specifics of fishing will vary be region, species, and season, the importance of details always stays the same. When you need to guide clients to fish and film world-class catches, you need every advantage possible. That’s why Mark Davis pays attention to the details. If you want to be a better angler, you should too.

About Mark Davis

Mark Davis is the host of Big Water Adventures on the Outdoor Channel. He has fished all over the world, from the frigid coasts of Alaska to tropical paradises off of South America. He has been an angler all his life and had his captain’s license from a very young age. Mark is experienced with a wide range of fish, including marlin, tuna, wahoo, dorado, mackerel, shark, grouper, redfish, and stripers.

Mark not only focuses on catching fish, he also wants to capture stunning footage to use on his shows. He often takes the camera below the water to catch fish in their own world, moving, feeding, and behaving like the wild animals that they are.

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Huk Gear
Huk Gear

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