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November 12, 2015

This is the second in our profiles of Huk’s Pro Staff. Check out our first article on professional bass fisherman Gerald Swindle.

Fishing isn’t for quitters.

It can be one of the most enjoyable hobbies in the world, but it can also make you so frustrated that you want to pack it up and never look at a fishing rod again.

But according to commercial fisherman Dave Marciano, staying in the game and getting through the bad days is all part of being a pro angler.

About Dave Marciano

Dave Marciano is the captain on the commercial fishing boat, the Hard Merchandise. Dave, and his nephew Jason, can be seen on National Geographic’s Wicked Tuna, a documentary that follows anglers in the unpredictable North Atlantic.

He grew up in Massachusetts and learned to fish from an early age. After building his experience on commercial boats, he earned his captain’s license and went out on his own.

Dave, like the rest of the anglers on Wicked Tuna, makes his living from the ocean. Between bluefin seasons, he spends his time catching cod, haddock, pollock, and even striped bass in the summer. He also supplements his income by providing fishing charters out of Gloucester, Massachusetts, where he makes his home.

Staying Tenacious for Tuna

In our last Fishing Like the Pros article, we talked about Gerald Swindle and the importance of positive thinking. For this article, we’re going to discuss a similar yet unique topic: tenacity. 

Dave Marciano is a commercial fisherman who makes a living catching Bluefin tuna and other species in the North Atlantic, one of the most unpredictable, dangerous, and down-right frustrating waters to fish. However, with a stick-to-it mentality, Dave and other commercial anglers are able to pay the bills and put food on the table.

Unpredictability is part of why we enjoy fishing. You can fish every day your entire life, and you’re guaranteed that no two days will be the same. There will be good days, when every cast lands a trophy, and bad days, when it seems like all the fish are either hiding or fasting.

Sticking with it during the bad times, and not giving up, is what separates the good anglers from the great. After all, if Dave Marciano were the type of person to give up easily, he wouldn’t be fishing for a living. And let’s face it, that’s a life we can all envy, even when things aren’t going as well as planned.

As Dave Marciano puts it “one of the most important things...is never give up. We always have to keep going.”

Favorite Performance Apparel: Huk PVC Foul Weather Jacket

Dave Marciano’s favorite piece of Huk performance apparel is the PVC Foul Weather Jacket. Because Marciano fishes in the North Atlantic, he needs something that can handle heavy rain, thick ocean sprays, and hammering winds.

The PVC Foul Weather Jacket is perfect for Dave’s needs because it has welded seams, a visor bill, and neoprene storm cuffs that keep Atlantic saltwater and rain locked out.


Performance Apparel for Any Weather

As Dave Marciano says, “when the going gets tough, the tough go fishing.” If you agree with that statement, make sure you have performance apparel that can meet any challenge.

Huk offers high-quality all-weather apparel, including the PVC Foul Weather Bibs and the All Weather Jacket.

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