Fish Like the Pros: Gerald Swindle

Fish Like the Pros: Gerald Swindle

Attitude counts.

Whether it’s at your job or on the water, your attitude makes a big difference.

Just ask professional angler Gerald Swindle, who claims that having a positive mental can help you catch more fish and make you a better angler.

The Importance of a Positive Mental Attitude

Be honest; fishing is a simple sport that can get complicated and convoluted. Between lures, lines, rods, and reels, there are literally millions of different combinations that you can choose from. While you need to select the right equipment for the job, choosing the right tackle can only take you so far. Eventually, it comes down to an angler’s mental attitude.

According to Swindle, your attitude is just as important as the lure on your line, maybe more so. Can it really be that easy? Can simply maintaining a positive mental attitude really help you catch more fish? Gerald Swindle says yes.

When you miss a fish, snag a lure, or let your line spool into a rat’s nest, do you get upset? If you’re like most people, the answer is yes. You reset your line and cast, but you’re so upset that you jerk your reel with such a violent aggression that it spools into a mess again. When you finally do get a bite you set the hook too fast and lose the fish. The little snag that happened 15 minutes ago now resulted in a missed fish. Why? Because you let it.

You’re much better off to fish, and live, like Gerald Swindle. Maintaining a positive mental attitude means the inevitable frustrations of fishing doesn’t effect your future performance. According to Swindle, this will make you not only a better angler, but a better person as well.


About Gerald Swindle

Gerald Swindle is a professional angler and one of the many expert fishermen who chooses to wear Huk Performance Fishing apparel. He grew up in Alabama fishing for bass, but he didn’t become a full-time professional angler until he was over 30 years old. He gained experience in small local tournaments, slowly growing his skills until he was good enough to leave his construction job and become a full-time angler.

Because of Swindle’s background, you can see why his positive mental attitude is so important.

Swindle’s Favorite Huk Gear

Gerald Swindle is a man of the south, so he appreciates a good day of catfishing. One of his favorite pieces of fishing apparel is the Huk Catfish Tee, a comfortable shirt that uses convection technology to keep you cool, even on the hottest summer days.

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