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Huk and the Mexican Gulf Fishing Company

August 28, 2015

At Huk, we take fishing seriously. Everyone on our staff is dedicated to fishing as a way of life, and we only choose to work with businesses that share this attitude.

One of the teams we have partnered with is the Mexican Gulf Fishing Company, a world-class charter group that provides top-notch fishing with expert guides. Thanks to decades of experience, effective techniques, and a full fleet of spacious boats, this is the team that anglers choose when they visit Louisiana.

Located in Venice, LA the Mexican Gulf Fishing Company provides charters for anglers and vacationers looking for a thrilling, action-packed adventure on the water.

Meet the MGFC Team

Colin Byrd:Colin is the newest member of the team, but he has been fishing since he was five, making him an expert in locating and catching fish. He holds his 50-ton Master’s license and was a first mate on successful fishing boats before becoming a captain.


Zach Lewis:Zach is not only a top-notch fishing charter captain, he’s also a successful tournament angler who has guided multiple teams to first-place finishes. He knows how to find fish off the gulf coast, and loves being a guide for families, children, and new anglers.


Kevin Beach:With over 12 years as a full-time guide, Capt. Beach has seen it all, but he still gets a thrill seeing people experience saltwater fishing for the first time. He has caught mako sharks, marlin, tuna, and more, but he truly cherishes the fact that no two days of fishing are ever the same.


Billy Wells:Fishing is what Billy knows and loves. In fact, he says he’s never had a job that didn’t involve catching fish. He doesn’t just fish for money either, as he donates his time and energy to taking kids on trips and raising money for good causes.


Jordan Ellis:Jordan started with the Mexican Gulf Fishing Company as the first mate for Kevin Beach, but through hard work and dedication, he became a fully licensed captain. He comes from Mississippi, but has been fishing off coastal Louisiana his entire life.


Fishing Charters for Any Season


Because of Louisiana’s great weather and abundant habitat, the fine captains from MGFC can provide high-quality trips throughout the entire year. Spring and summer are great seasons for targeting marlin, amberjack, grouper, cobia, and more. The active fishing continues into the fall, which is the perfect time of year to target many species, including the hard-fighting tarpon, aka the “silver king.” During winter, the waters are rich with fattened-up tuna, making Louisiana a popular destination for anglers escaping the frozen lakes of the north. No matter what the season, the Mexican Gulf Fishing Company can always find high-quality yellowfin tuna, one of the top sport fish in the country.

We couldn’t be more proud to have the Mexican Gulf Fishing Company on our team!

The Right Fishing Apparel for Any Experience


When you head out for a day of fishing, you need cool, comfortable apparel that will protect you from the sun. Check out the full selection of long-sleeve fishing shirtsfrom Huk and you’ll have the right apparel for any fishing adventure.

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