4 Homemade Bass Lures

Most anglers think that any purchase of fishing lures is money well spent, and we wouldn’t disagree. But sometime taking a do-it-yourself approach to life is a good choice. While fly-tying is a popular hobby, not too many anglers have homemade bass lures in their tackle box.

You can change that.

Try out some of these homemade bass baits and you might find that making your own lures could be your new favorite hobby...after fishing, of course!

Bottle Cap Spinners

Perhaps the most basic of homemade lures, the bottle cap spinner is a great place to start. Simply fold a bottle cap in half and put a treble hook on one side and a swivel leader in the other. One popular technique is to add BBs inside the folded cap, which gives the lure a rattling sound that attracts more bass. You can also make them longer by adding beads, which adds color and presents a meaty lure to the bass. You can choose your favorite beer to fully customize these spinning lures.

Cork Top Water Popper

This is probably one of the most neat-looking homemade lures you can fashion. By using a cork from a wine bottle, a bottle cap and some hooks, you can create a lure that is perfect for pulling bass from the weeds. By simply connecting treble hooks and a connection for your line to a wine cork, you have a top-water lure that will entice a hungry bass. By adding a bottle cap at the front, you increase the splashing of the lure, creating an irresistible temptation.

Kitchen Spoon Lures

How many spoons are there in your kitchen drawer? Do you really need that many? Why not use them something worthwhile, like catching fish? Take a spoon of any size and cut the handle off. Smooth the cut edge and drill a small hole at both ends. Connect a leader at the narrow end and a hook at the other. You can paint it any color you like, but red is a popular choice for spoons because fish are used to going after injured and bleeding fish.

Woodblock Lure

Put your woodworking skills to the test by creating a new lure for your tackle box. If you have been to the bait shop, you know what a lure looks like, so you can easily replicate the size and shape of an effective lure. If you want even more guidance, trace the shape of one of your lures so you know you’re getting it right. Add a little weight so the lure will sink, but not too much that it won’t swim, and attack hooks at the underbelly and the tail.

All of these lures can be fully customized to meet your specific needs. You can add bright colors, earth tones, scale designs, and even eyes. Get creative and make them your own and you’ll have a lure that looks great and might even catch a few fish.

Remember to make sure all the hooks and connections are strong and support them with line if needed. The first time you catch a fish on your homemade lure, you’ll be one mighty proud angler!

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