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Major League Fishing: An Innovative Competition

by Huk Gear August 20, 2015

Huk, a leader in performance fishing apparel, is proud to team up with some of the best anglers in the country. We have partnerships with elite anglers, world-class charter companies, and numerous fishing tournaments.

One of the partnerships we are most proud of is our work with Major League Fishing. With a new and innovative way to score fishing competitions, Major League Fishing is making professional tournaments more exciting for both anglers and fans.

About Major League Fishing

Organized by 24 of the world’s most influential bass anglers, including Huk partners Kevin VanDamand Skeet Reese, Major League Fishing is a professional bass circuit that hosts numerous events throughout the year, all broadcast on the Outdoor Channel.

While fishing tournaments are nothing new, it’s how Major League Fishing organizes and scores their tournaments that make them so interesting. In other tournaments, fish are caught and put in the live well for weigh-in. Because of bag limits, only so many fish can be kept, so anglers are forced to keep only the big fish. Essentially, the tournament devolves into a “big fish” competition.

In Major League Fishing, however, fish are weighed immediately and quickly released; never put in the live well. Because anglers are practicing true “catch and release” techniques, they can count as many “legal” fish as possible. So even a small fish gets weighed and counted to the total score. Anglers still want the grand slam of a ten-pounder, but the little ones count too (as long as they’re legal), making the competition more interesting.

Rules Designed Around Conservation

As you might have guessed, weighing and releasing the fish immediately, as opposed to putting them in a live well for a later weigh-in, means greater survival rates for the fish. But Major League Fishing doesn’t stop there.

Anglers are not allowed to use nets, which can scrape away the fish’s protective coating, and in a newer rule, fish are not even allowed to touch the carpet of the boat. There are also rules for fish release, as angler’s hands must be at or below the boat’s gunnel before releasing the fish.

Rules for a More Dramatic and Unpredictable Tournament

Major League fishing has also implemented rules that add more drama and more unpredictability into the competitions. Every boat is equipped with real-time leader board information, so any angler can look at the scores to see where he or she sits. If someone is in first they can watch their lead slowly dwindle, or someone in the back can see what they need to do to get ahead.

On-site practice is probably the most unique part about Major League Fishing. It doesn’t exist. That’s right, anglers are not allowed to practice the day before, and no stored GPS waypoints can be used. All anglers can do is find the best spot, start fishing, and hope for the best.

As you can see, Major League Fishing is one of the most interesting tournaments in the fishing world, and Huk is proud to partner with this innovative group.

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