How to Conserve your Favorite Fishing Spots

Every angler has their favorite fishing spot, and they all want their spots to last forever. Nothing is more disappointing than fishing in a spot for years, pulling out hundreds of trophies, only to have it wrecked by trash, over fishing, or poor conservation practices.

So what can you do to conserve your spot? We’d like to give you some simple tips to ensure your favorite fishing hole is there for years.

Keep It Clean

The first thing you can do to preserve and conserve your favorite fishing spot is to treat it like your own yard. Clean it up, don’t leave your trash lying around, and always make sure it looks better than you left it. If your fishing from a boat, don’t let trash like wrappers or bait containers go overboard. If you’re fishing from shore, make sure you take everything home with you. Leave the spot looking great and you’ll be able to enjoy it for years.

Practice Catch and Release

Whether your spot is ten square miles of saltwater flats or a small corner on a farm pond, practicing catch and release is a good way to conserve the population and ensure plenty of fish for years to come. Legally, you are more than welcome to take your limit, and we would never tell you to stop keeping your fill, but if you want to ensure a healthy population for a long time, practicing catch and release on a few outings is a always good idea.

Handle and Release Fish Properly

If you are playing catch and release, it won’t help if you harm the fish while handling it. The longer a fish fights on the end of your line, the more stress is goes through, so don’t toy with it; get it off the hook as fast as possible. Also, remember that fish have a protective coating, and this slime can be scraped away with contact. Handle the fish quickly and return it to the water as soon as possible so it can go back to increasing the game fish population.

Keep it Secret if You Can

It’s every angler’s moral dilemma: should you tell your friends and fellow fishermen about your spot, or should you keep it to yourself? If your priority is keeping the spot beautiful, active, and full of fish, then telling other anglers won’t help your cause. Sure, the chances of someone actually taking your spot, fishing it bare, and leaving you with nothing to catch is slim, but why risk it. There’s something peaceful and serene about having your own secret fishing spot. And, less competition for a great catch when there aren’t any other anglers around.

Want more conservation tips? Check our this article on fishing conservation.

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