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5 Pro Tips for Fishing in the Rain

A successful fishing trip is often the result of careful planning. Yet, even with the most cautious plan, you might get caught in an unexpected rainstorm. When you are planning an angling trip and precipitation is in the forecast, you don’t have to cancel.

There are some benefits to fishing in the rain – fewer people means more fish for you, fish are more aggressive, and they are hunting near the surface. Here are some more details about fishing in the rain.

Benefits of Fishing in the Rain

Fish become more active in the rain. This may be due in part to the barometric pressure, or the fact that the fish’s prey is harder to see. The result is that they hunt more aggressively. The darker surroundings also encourage more activity. Since their tactics become more aggressive, they attack lures in the same combative manner.

When fishing in the rain, fish are less aware that they are striking a lure rather than prey, due to the agitation on the surface of the water. Rain on the water stirs up a lot of murk, so the fish hunt toward the surface. The low visibility that drives the fish toward the surface and causes them to strike offensively will also make it hard to discern where the fish are located.

While fishing in the rain can be extremely beneficial for your catch, there are some tips to keep in mind as you head out into the gray, wet day.

1. Get the Right Gear

With the right kind of rainwear, you can stay relatively dry in any precipitation. You’ll want to make sure that you protect the bottom part of your body along with your torso. Well-made, bibbed rain gear that has cutting-edge technology, like Reflectek, can keep you warm and dry.

Rain can cause an angler’s hands to become cold and stiff, making it challenging to handle gear. An excellent pair of fishing gloves that provides protection and wicks moisture will help to keep your hands out of the weather.

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If you’re heading out on a fishing trip and rain is in the forecast, prepare yourself for every eventuality.

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2. Use Noisy, Vibrant Topwater Lures

Many anglers suggest using topwater lures in the rain, since fish tend to congregate toward the surface in their search for prey. However, other anglers contend that the agitation on the surface of the water startles the fish, so they hang out just below the topwater, at a depth of about five feet.

During a rainfall, fish must see and hear the lure over the cacophony of the storm. Visibility under the water is low, and the sound of rain hitting the surface is loud. Use vibrant, noisy topwater lures to make sure the fish can see them.

3. Adapt to New Routines

When it rains, fish change up their normal repertoire. They may stage in different areas, move around vertically in the water column, and even go after different prey. One tip from successful anglers is to adapt to the fish as they change their routines.

Try different lures and presentations until you find one that seems to be hitting the mark. You’ll have to work quickly, as the weather may change as fast as the fish’s proclivities.

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4. Check Drainages and Creeks

Rain fills up offshore fishing spots that are normally too shallow for fish to hunt. When the rain pours down, drainages and creeks fill up and start to run. Insects and larvae tend to follow into these new watercourses, and fish will ultimately follow their prey.

Check out newly swollen creeks and drainages for fish. The more visibility, the easier it will be to see what is hitting the lure. Try and find the clearest spot with the best visibility under the shade, in sheltered coves, or far away from the feeder streams.

5. Check the Water Temperature

Rain can have a dramatic effect on the temperature of the water where you are fishing. Warm precipitation can encourage fish to feed closer to the surface during cold times of the year.

Alternately, a cold rainstorm can also promote fish moving to lower depths during warmer months. In the onset of or directly after a downpour, you can lower your lure to deeper parts of the lake, river, or ocean.

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Rain or Shine, Be on Top of Your Game

Fishing is a beautiful pastime and connects anglers to the natural world in all types of weather.

If you’re planning a fishing trip and rain is in the forecast, you don’t have to cancel. Just suit yourself up for wet weather. Huk makes quality, durable fishing gear for anglers by anglers. Our selection has you covered in all types of weather conditions and for all kinds of fishing.