Where to Find Catfish

Looking for monster catfish? They can be found in almost any state, so no matter where you are, there is probably a catfish near you. In fact, when Field and Stream listed their top 12 states for catfish, they listed areas including California, Virginia, Missouri, Texas, North Dakota, and others. What does that tell you? It shows that no matter what region you live in, there is at least a few decent catfish waiting to be caught.

Whether you’re going after channel, blue, or flathead catfish, you need to know what to look for before you head out to the water. Almost all states have catfish, but to have consistent success, start by targeting these four areas.

 1. Outside Edges of River Curves

 When a river takes a sharp turn, the outside edge is a great place to cast for catfish. Water coming into the curve will have more momentum, hitting the outside edge and gradually deepening the pool and eroding the bank. This erosion will result in trees and other structure dropping into the water, giving catfish a comfortable home with less current.

 2. Deep Holes in Ponds and Rivers

 A deep hole is a great place for catfish to hangout and wait for food. Because they are patiently waiting for a meal, you have to drop the bait as close to them as possible. Thoroughly cover the entire area from front to back and side to side, and you’ll increase your chances of bringing in a high-quality catfish.

If you have a depth finder, use it to spot deep holes in rivers, or just keep an eye out for water that is slower and calmer, as this is a sign of deep holes. If your fishing on a farm pond, the owner of the property should be able to tell you where the deep spot is located. Just remember to always get permission before attempting to fish on private property.

3.Wing Dikes on Rivers

Civil engineers will build wing dikes to direct the current from the side of the river to the center, which reduces damage from erosion. Behind a wing dike, you can often find pooling catfish, as well as other river fish like walleye, smallmouth bass, and northern pike. Because the current is slow, catfish can relax and wait for food, without using precious energy on swimming.

4. Creeks Flowing Into Any Body of Water

Anywhere you fish, where there’s a tributary, there’s probably a catfish. Creeks and streams bring food from mile around right to the catfish, so put these areas to good use and you’ll probably have a trophy catfish on the line. Creeks also provide warmer water in early spring, so they may be a good location for the year’s first catch.

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