All-Weather Fishing Apparel from Huk

Some anglers can get by with jeans and a tee shirt, but serious anglers, including people who make a living catching fish, need durable, reliable gear that can stand up to the most extreme conditions.

You don’t have to head in when it starts to get rainy and windy. Just make sure you have the right apparel and you can stay dry and comfortable for hours, all while catching more fish.

Huk All Weather Bib

If you’re the type of angler who doesn’t let bad weather stop you from making your catch, then you need top-quality bibs from Huk. Our bibs are created to keep windy and rainy weather from ruining your day. You’ll be able to stay out longer thanks to the All Weather Bib that has a breathable, waterproof shell that is equipped with taped seams and welded zippers to prevent leaks. You’ll stay dry and comfortable in these bibs, and you’ll also have added flexibility with the elastic shoulder straps and high-stretch materials. The reinforced knees and many other details make these the ultimate bibs for every angler.

Huk All Weather Jacket

When the rain comes and the wind howls, you can’t afford to have a jacket that won’t hold up. Meet the weather with confidence by wearing the Huk All Weather Jacket; one of the most impressive pieces of fishing apparel you’ll ever find. With a waterproof shell, taped seams, and welded zippers, this is a jacket for serious anglers. A removable hood and bill gives you the versatility you need, while the high-stretch material allows you to keep your flexibility for casting, reeling, and maneuvering your boat.

Huk PVC Foul Weather Bib

You don’t have to be a commercial fisherman to appreciate the rugged durability of the Huk PVC Foul Weather Bib. Whether you make your living from the sea or enjoy challenging yourself in rough weather, this high-quality bib will stand up to the job. It uses waterproof 430 gsm PVC cotton with elastic Huk shoulder straps and reflective shoulder bands at the bottom of each leg for additional security. Every single seam is welded to increase durability, giving you a pair of bibs that will be there through it all. 

Huk PVC Foul Weather Jacket 

When you need an extremely durable jacket that can give you comfort and dryness in the most brutal weather, the Huk PVC Foul Weather Jacket is the one you want. With waterproof 430 gsm PVC cotton, welds on every single seam, double storm flaps, and cuffs to keep the water out, this is the jacket that every serious angler needs. Each shoulder comes with a thin band of reflective material, which adds to your safety. You can focus on fishing and trust your protective gear when you wear this high-quality fishing jacket.

Fishing Apparel for Any Angler

Whether you need a durable jacket for extreme weather or a long-sleeve fishing shirt for long days in the sun, Huk has you covered. Visit our store and you can find jackets, bibs, tee shirts, hats and more. We have everything you need for your angler wardrobe, so stop by our online store today to stock up on all your performance apparel for this year’s fishing season.