Fish with the Most Exciting Fight

Size isn’t all that matters when it comes to fishing. Sometimes catching a smaller fish that puts up a big fight is more fun than a big fish with a no fight at all. 

So if you want to target hard-fighting fish, which species should you go after?

Most anglers have never caught a fish that wasn’t at least a little fun, but these fish offer more excitement, more thrills, and a bigger fight.

Smallmouth Bass: A large portion of the freshwater fishing community is caught up on hard-fighting largemouth, but many experienced anglers will tell you that the smallmouth bass is pound-for-pound the better fighter. These scrappy fish are more common in rivers and streams, so some people speculate that the current keeps them strong, tone, and physically powerful, which results in a better fight.

Tarpon: Some saltwater anglers will agree that the tarpon is one of the best fish for an exciting fight. It’s true there are fish that will pull harder and wear out your arms faster, but no fish is capable of such acrobatic leaps like the tarpon. When these large fish lunge from the surface, it gives anglers one of the most thrilling moments you can have while fishing.

King Salmon: Also known as the chinook salmon, the king salmon is the official fish of Alaska and one of the most popular trophies in the state. These fish require heavy gear, because they not only put up a fight, they can grow above 40 pounds. If you ever have the chance to go king salmon fishing in Alaska, take it; you won’t be disappointed with the scenery or the fight.

Tuna: Large, fast, and aggressive, tuna can grow to well above 1,000 pounds and can take over an hour to land. The sheer size and strength of these fish make them a popular trophy, but the real excitement comes from the long, drawn-out endurance match that you need to go through to land these fish. Whether it’s the bluefin, yellowfin, or bigeye, a tuna will give you one of the most challenging and exciting fights of your life.

Northern Pike: While not as highly-prized as their rarer cousin the musky, northern pike are one of the hardest fighting fish in North America’s lakes, especially as you start to land larger pike in the 30 or 40-inch category. They have long, agile bodies that they can thrash around very quickly, so you need to be on your toes when you hook one. Just when you think a pike is worn out, it gives you another run and keeps the excitement going.

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