Top 10 Monster Fish Ever Caught

Have you ever caught a monster fish? Check out some of these amazing trophies and record fish, and see how you compare with these historic monsters... 

20-pound Walleye- Washington

Although most anglers consider Minnesota the Walleye capital of the country, river fisherman John Grubenhoff brought in a 20 pound walleye in the state of Washington. He caught this top prize while fishing the Columbia River in 2014. He says he caught a 14-pounder, a sizable fish, about 10 minutes before hauling in the state record walleye.

22-pound Largemouth Bass- Japan

Japanese angler Manabu Kurita set the bass fishing world reeling when he brought in a largemouth that weighed 22 pounds, 5 ounces. After the fish was officially recorded, it set the world record for the species.

94-pound Redfish- North Carolina

A 20 pound redfish is a great prize, so image the surprise of Dave Deuel when he caught a redfish that weighed in at 94 pounds 2 ounces. In 1984, Deuel set the record while fishing the banks of North Carolina. This monster was caught during the fall run, when many anglers are able to catch active redfish.

67-pound Musky- Wisconsin

It’s called “the fish of 10,000 casts,” because this sleek, apprehensive trophy fish takes dedication, patience, and a little luck. In 1949, angler and outdoor writer Cal Johnson used all of his skills to bring in the world record muskie. Anglers take to northern Wisconsin ever year to try and beat his record, but this one still stands as the official leader.

280-pound Wels Catfish- Italy

In early 2015, an Italian angler caught a monster 280-pound wels catfish from the Po River. Wels catfish are some of the largest freshwater fish in the world and are believed to live up to eighty years.

327-pound Alligator Gar- Mississippi

The biggest alligator gar ever recorded was actually caught by accident. When a commercial fisherman was bringing in his nets for the end of the day, he thought he had a heavy log weighing down his lines. Turns out it was a world-record alligator gar, a prehistoric fish that has become a popular trophy in the southern U.S.

9’2” Tarpon- Nicaragua

Anglers fishing off the coast of Nicaragua may have caught the largest tarpon ever brought in on a rod and reel, the only problem: it wasn’t weighed. The anglers caught the fish in October of 2014, but there was no scale in the area that could have handled the fish, which is estimated to have been over 300 pounds.

1,496-pound Bluefin Tuna

Fans of Nat Geo’s Wicked Tuna and our very own Dave Marciano will appreciate this whopper of a tuna. In 1979, Ken Fraser brought in a world record bluefin off the coast of Nova Scotia. At nearly 1,500 pounds, it remains the world record for bluefin tuna.

1,560-pound Black Marlin- Peru

Back in 1953, an angler by the name of Alfred Glassell Jr. caught a massive black marlin, tipping the scales above 1,500 pounds. The fish was caught off the coast of Peru using a mackerel for bait. After a fight that lasted one hour and 45 minutes, Glassell was finally able to haul in this monster.

100-pound Snapping Turtle- Oklahoma

Okay, this one isn’t a fish, but it’s still a monster. An Oklahoma angler was hoping to catch some catfish, but instead he reeled in one of the meanest and ugliest animals in the water. Although bigger snappers have been recorded, catching one of any size is a big surprise!

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