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Get to Know Captain Dave Marciano

April 09, 2015

Huk Performance Fishing is proud to work with the most skilled and experienced anglers in the country. Fishermen like Capt. Dave Marciano, star of the hit show Wicked Tuna, know the value of durable, flexible, comfortable fishing apparel. Dave is one of the most interesting characters in fishing, and we love having him on our team!

Dave Marciano grew up in Massachusetts, and although no one in his immediate family fished, Dave was drawn to the sport, going to ponds with his mother and fishing for hours on end. When Dave was 9, his family moved to Beverly, MA, near the harbor. This gave Dave the chance to walk right down to the docks and fish whenever he felt like it. His lifelong passion for fishing was officially nailed down.

He started earning a living in fishing while he was still in high school, working on the Yankee Fleet, a chartered vessel that did day trips for fishing and whale watching. After high school, Dave stayed on with this boat full time and even wintered with them in the Florida Keys, which he says was a much different experience than working the shores of Massachusetts. Eventually, Dave earned his captain’s license and went off on his own. He purchased his own boat, started his own commercial fishing business, and was eventually picked up as a star on a new fishing reality show...

National Geographic’s Wicked Tuna

Captain Dave Marciano brought his skills and experience to National Geographic’s Wicked Tuna, a reality show that documents commercial fishing off the coast of Gloucester, MA, one of the most historic fishing towns in the country. Dave brings his personality, attitude, and competitive nature to the show, making it one of the most popular fishing shows around. In the show, Dave is seen fishing on his boat, the Hard Merchandise, with his nephew Jason and son Joe.

The show demonstrates the challenges of commercial tuna fishing, from locating these difficult fish to, to hooking the finicky tuna, to reeling in the heavy and lucrative catch. While they are difficult to catch, according to the show a single tuna can be worth as much as $20,000!  Wicked Tuna also displays the competitive, and often combative nature of tuna fishing. Although these captains and crews might be pals while on land, the show makes it clear that while hunting for tuna, it’s a winner-take-all mentality.

Chartered Fishing for Tuna, Cod, and Haddock

In addition to his tuna fishing business and staring on Wicked Tuna, Capt. Dave also provides chartered fishing trips off the coast of Massachusetts. You can join Dave for trips to catch tuna, cod, or haddock, giving you a unique experience with one of the most interesting captains around.

Thanks to Dave’s lifelong passion for fishing and vast amounts of experience, he has the skills to help land plenty of fish, and you even get to keep the fish meat after it is filleted and bagged. Dave’s boat is docked at the famous Gloucester Marine Railways, the oldest active marine railway in the country, giving you the chance to see a historic area and catch some exciting fish.

The Right Apparel for all Anglers

Anglers like Capt. Dave Marciano need high-quality gear. That’s why Dave turns to Huk, a leader in high performance fishing apparel, including long-sleeve shirts, fishing masks, all-weather jackets and fishing bibs. Visit our website and check out our large selection of quality fishing apparel. You can find items for men and women, so visit us today!

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