The Best Times to Go Fishing

Every experienced angler has an opinion about the best times to go fishing. With tides, seasonal changes, daily cycles, and hundreds of other factors, finding the right time to fish can seem very confusing.

While everyone has their favorite hours for fishing, it usually comes down to two general times: the morning and the evening. These are the preferred fishing hours for many anglers all across the country, but both create challenges when it comes to your fishing apparel.

Rise and Shine for Active Fishing

Maybe it’s just because anglers like to get up before everyone else so they can hit the best spots first, but early-morning fishing is a tried-and-true tradition. There is good reason for getting up before the sunrise and heading out on the water, as many fish are very active shortly before and after dawn. You can generally find more feeding fish in both salt and freshwater when you are out fishing with the sunrise.

But what about your apparel? No matter what the season, when you fish the early morning hours, it can be very chilly when you head out, and you’ll need something to keep you warm. When the sun starts to rise, you’ll want something that not only keeps you cool, but helps protect your skin from the sun. Lucky for you, HUK has you covered!

Eat Your Dinner, then Catch a Trophy

The other favorite time for fishing is around sundown. Like the mornings, the water is full of active fish who are looking for a meal, and many anglers swear that the evenings are the best time for fishing. (Maybe they just don’t like getting up early, but who’s to say.) Experienced anglers across the country use the evenings to catch lots of fish, but it’s also convenient for people who only have time to fish after a workday.

When you start fishing in the late afternoon and into the evenings, it can be very warm, but when the sun sets down, it will cool off fast. Now you need something to keep you cool and protects your skin when you head out. As the sun sets, you need something to keep you warm. Once again, HUK has your back!

Anytime is a Good Time with HUK Fishing Apparel

You will inevitably come across an angler who says this is too simple. They’ll tell you to check water temperatures, tidal forces, fish life cycles and more. To be fair, these factors matter, but you could spend years trying to find the absolute perfect time. Over your entire lifetime, if you consistently fish the mornings and evenings, you are sure to have plenty of success. Besides, anytime is a good time to go fishing when you have high-quality fishing apparel from HUK!

With our fishing apparel, you’ll be comfortable all day. HUK's long-sleeve shirts and the essential HUK Face Gaitor are built for 24/7 comfort. Our fishing apparel is made from high-quality materials, including moisture transport fabrics and spandex for added flexibility. We have also included COOL TOUCH technology to keep you comfortable for hours and hours of fishing. No matter what time you decide to head out for your fishing, make sure you have HUK fishing apparel along for the adventure.

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