Fishing T-Shirts from Huk: Using the Best Fabrics

Dedicated anglers know that having the right gear is very important. You need the proper lures, the right reels, and a strong rod for your desired catch. You go to great lengths to find all the right equipment, but what about your fishing apparel?

When you wear fishing t-shirts from Huk, you’re getting more than an average cotton shirt. You’ll getting a meticulously-designed product that is created specifically for anglers.

Using state-of-the-art fabrics, t-shirts from Huk are engineered to keep you comfortable, cool, and dry for hours. How do we do it? Take a look at this brief explanation of our advanced fabrics to learn more.

Supima Micro Modal

One of the biggest advantages of Huk fishing t-shirts over other fishing apparel is the use of Supima Micro Modal fabrics. “Modal” fabrics have been called “artificial silk”, as they are cool to the touch and have a smooth, silky texture. Unlike regular cotton, modal fabrics resist shrinkage and are less likely to fade over long periods of exposure to the sun, which is perfect for any active angler. As you might have guessed, “micro modal” fabrics are the microfiber version of modals. They are even softer, and are often used in underwear and other intimates. Because of their softness and durability, micro modal fabrics are great for fishing shirts.


This synthetic fiber is the perfect ingredient for t-shirts that need to be flexible and durable. Spandex is generally made from polyurethane, and it is lightweight, durable, and resistant to moisture. Most importantly, it offers the flexibility that anglers need. With spandex-infused fishing shirts from Huk, you will be free to move your entire body, including shoulders and arms, for the perfect casting motion. Thanks to the addition of a small amount of spandex, every Huk tee shirt is more durable, more moisture resistant, and more flexible.

Cool Touch Technology

To complete the perfect fishing shirt, Huk uses cool touch technology to keep you comfortable all day long. These breathable, comfortable shirts allow you to stay on the water for hours and hours, even when the sun is at its worst. With traditional cotton tee shirts, you will quickly start to get hot, as the cooling breeze is unable to reach your body. This may force you to remove your shirt, which only exposes your skin to the sun’s harmful UV rays. With Huk, however, you will stay cool, dry, and comfortable through the hottest summer days. This will allow you to keep your energy and stay focused on what really matters: catching more fish!

There are many Huk fishing t-shirts that use these innovative and comfortable materials. You can choose the Huk KC Scott Tuna Baitball Tee or the Huk KC Scott American Marlin Tee. For freshwater anglers, the Huk Inked Catfish Tee and the Huk KC Scott Jumping Bass Tee are great choices. No matter what your size or preferred color, there is a Huk fishing tee shirt that uses the finest materials waiting for you.

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Whether you are an experienced angler or are just discovering the joys of fishing, Huk has the fishing apparel you need.