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Moisture Wicking Fishing Shirts & Apparel

February 02, 2015

When you head out on the water, you need the right apparel for specific conditions. Whether you’re heading out in the early morning or taking off for some evening fishing, it could get a little chilly. No matter what the location or season, you need to make sure you have the right fishing apparel to keep you warm.

When you wear high-quality fishing shirts and apparel from Huk, you’ll not only have something that keeps you comfortable, you’ll have something that can keep you warm for hours.

1/4 Zip Huk Camo Performance ICON

This is one shirt we are really proud of. Made from durable poly knit fabrics with moisture transport materials, this shirt can keep you warm during cool fishing times. The high collar around the neck helps lock in body heat, and the moisture transport keeps cold water from soaking down to your skin. The camo style and Huk logo on the chest make this fishing shirt an essential for your wardrobe. This fishing shirt is great for keeping you warm, and it won’t limit your casting motion thanks to fabrics that have been infused with a small amount of spandex for greater flexibility.



Huk Face Gaitor

While the Huk Face Gaitor is an important piece of apparel for protecting your skin from the sun, it is also helpful for keeping you warm in cool conditions. The Face Gaitor will keep your face, neck, and head warm, and it comes in a wide variety of colors, including black camo, Carolina blue camo, grey camo, and white. You’ll be able to stay warm and comfortable, and you can use this fishing mask with just about anything in your current wardrobe.




Huk Performance Logo Raglan

This is a great long sleeve fishing shirt for all types of anglers. It has the same durable poly knit materials that you’ll find throughout the Huk selection, and it also has moisture transport fabrics to keep you dry and keep you warm. What really sets this shirt apart is the wide variety of colors and styles that you can choose from. You’ll be able to find the Huk Performance Raglan with fish species like bass, redfish, marlin, or choose the simple Huk logo with no fish silhouette. You’ll also have a wide variety of colors to choose from, including red, Carolina blue, neon green, blaze yellow, white, and royal blue. No matter what your favorite sport fish, no matter what your personal style, we have a Huk Performance Logo Raglan to fit your needs.


Warm, Comfortable Fishing Apparel for Any Angler

Visit our online store today to find a warm, durable fishing shirt or fishing mask for your next adventure. Whether you’re waking up early for some sunrise fishing or heading out after supper to watch the sun go down, make sure you have the right apparel to keep you comfortable and keep you warm.

You’ll find a wide variety of fishing apparelwhen you visit our online store, so stop by today. Whether you want a long sleeve shirt, a fishing mask, or a comfortable teeshirt, you’ll get it all here!

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