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Performance Fishing Apparel: The Ultimate Layer

by Alissa Crankshaw January 19, 2015

There’s simply no getting around it: fishermen need top-quality gear. Between the ocean sprays, handling fish, being slapped by the wind, and dealing with extreme heat, the apparel worn by any active angler needs to hold up and keep the body comfortable.

When you are looking for top-notch fishing apparel, you’ll find plenty of options, but few offer the same amount of comfort, durability, and state-of-the-art materials that you’ll find from Huk.

Huk is a leader in fishing apparel, with plenty of great choices, including the Camo Performance ICON.

What is the Huk Camo Performance ICON?

The Huk Camo Performance ICON is one of the most popular fishing shirts available. When you wear this comfortable, rugged long-sleeve shirt, you’ll be wearing apparel that not only looks great, but is built from state-of-the-art fabrics.

The Huk Camo Performance ICON has some of the most advanced materials for protection against the elements. You’ll have the advantage of stain release technology that keeps blood, mud, or other substances from staining your shirt, and you’ll love the poly knit moisture transport technology, which keeps you dry whether you’re in the rain or facing ocean waves. Tired of coming home smelling like fish? With Huk’s anti-microbial materials, obnoxious smells are left where they belong: by the water.

Huk also gives you a choice of colors for your apparel. You can choose between three different color schemes, black camo, grey camo, and Carolina blue camo, giving you plenty of options for your own personal style.

Stay Comfortable with Cool Touch Technology

Nothing is worse than spending a day on the water and having the summer heat pound away at you. It drains your energy, dulls your fishing skills, and makes you want to reel in and head home. But Huk has a solution for you. With their cool touch technology, you’ll stay comfortable, even when the sun and heat are at their worst. You’ll have more time to fish, which means more chances to land your trophy!

Make sure you are prepared for heat, rain, wind, and anything else you might come across by getting top-quality fishing apparel from Huk.

1/4 Zip Huk Camo Performance ICON

For added comfort and versatility, the 1/4 Zip Huk Camo Performance ICON is a great choice. This shirt has a zipper that runs from the center of the neck to the mid-chest area. This will be especially useful on hot days, but for cold evenings and nights, the 1/4 Zip model has a short collar, which helps seal in warmth and keeps your neck from getting chilly.

Find the Best Fishing Apparel for Your Next Adventure

Whether you’re setting out on the open ocean or relaxing at your favorite fishing hole, you deserve to have comfortable, rugged apparel along for the adventure.

With excellent fishing shirts from Huk, you’ll stay comfortable and look your best. You have top-quality reels, state-of-the-art rods, and use only the strongest hooks and lines, so make sure you are also wearing a shirt that meets your high standards. Visit our website today and shop all Huk Performance Fishing Gear today! 

Alissa Crankshaw
Alissa Crankshaw

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