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K.C. Scott Art

by Huk Gear December 09, 2014

Marolina Outdoor Inc. is proud to have an ongoing partnership with K.C. Scott, who is a world renowned marine artist and apparel designer. K.C. Scott's captivating and lifelike artwork is second to none. K.C.'s ability to transform the underwater world brings a new edge to the apparel and accessory lines of Marolina Outdoor Inc and Huk Gear.

"To say I'm excited to team up with the guys from Marolina Outdoor Inc. is an understatement! The dynamic combination of their breadth and expertise in the outdoor apparel industry and my award-winning artwork and designs makes for a truly dynamic combination! We share the same passion for the outdoor industry and create a boundless vision for where the partnership can go." - K.C. Scott

"K.C. Scott is one of the best outdoor artists of our time. His ability to bring the outdoor world to life through artwork is a truly unique talent and an asset to the Marolina Outdoor Inc. team. The partnership of K.C. Scott and Marolina Outdoor Inc. will be second to none. We are ready to push the limits together!" - Ben Verner, President – Marolina Outdoor Inc.

In the coming months, K.C. Scott’s designs will be recognized through the Huk Performance Fishing line. We are extremely excited to have him on board and look forward to this great relationship with an incredibly gifted artist that can bring to life our passion and zeal for fishing and the marine environment alike.

Huk Gear
Huk Gear

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