Blog 2018

SPINNING VS. BAITCASTING REELSRemember those old school Zebco 404 push button reel? In the early ’80s, mine was a pea soup green color with an ivory white button, but I’ll tell you what, it might have been ugly, but it was easy enough to use, got the job done, and get me into fishing as a kid.Read More
SUMMER LARGEMOUTH TACTICSThe dog days of summer. Everybody knows ‘em. It’s when the oppressive heat of the blaring sun puts everything from porch pooches to grandpa into summertime lazy mode. Like any creatures looking to cool off, largemouth bass will look for any opportunity to “jump in the pool” and cool down in shadows, under structures and get deep.Read More
CHOOSE THE RIGHT RODThe old adage, “Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight,” applies to rod selection. To up your odds at landing your target fish, understand what type of rod it is you’re looking for. From those cutesy, 24 inch ice fishing rods used to pull hand-sized panfish from the ice to broomstick stand up rods that handle 1,000 pound blue marlin in the deep Atlantic, there’s a rod for every quiver.Read More
LURES VS LIVE BAITTo bait and wait or cast and catch? It’s kind of like that old saying “Fish or Cut Bait” - it’s all about knowing when to use bait and when to toss artificial lures.Read More
TACKLING BLUE MARLINThere’s nothing wimpy about a 1,000-pound fish with a sword for a nose. From their ornery disposition to punishing ability to wear down an angler, blue marlin enjoy a legendary status around the world, commemorated most dubiously as the stubborn antagonist in Ernest Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea.Read More