Our Continued Partnership with Saltwater Experience

We are pleased to announce the continued partnership with a fellow leader in the fishing community, Saltwater Experience.

This partnership is a natural fit for the Huk brand, as hosts and captains Tom Rowland and Rich Tudor educate anglers and present them with instructive information to increase their fishing knowledge and the chance at success. Incorporating years of experience, with several accolades and tournament winnings, both hosts supply an array of understanding for saltwater fishing and that having the right gear for success is essential. All episodes are easily accessible.

The Saltwater Experience team has and continues to be a natural fit for Huk as they live and breathe fishing while sharing their knowledge and experience. We look forward to continuing this great partnership and encourage everyone to tune into season 16, filmed in the beautiful Florida Keys.

Based in the Florida Keys, the Saltwater Experience crew relies on Huk for the ultimate performance fishing gear during those long days on the water. Breathability and sun protection are a must for these guys, and we have everything to keep them on the water longer.

“Huk is the perfect partner for Saltwater Experience,” commented the host, Tom Rowland. “Sun protection is of utmost importance, as is using comfortable, quick-drying, athletic materials as found in their Pursuit and Waypoint lines. We also appreciate that the Waypoint series is made from recycled plastics to help clean up our most important resource, the ocean.”

The partnership will continue to provide the team with comfort on the water all day. Huk is enthusiastic about working with a group of saltwater captains that
spend countless hours on the water to deliver top-notch fishing and education. There is no denying the passion and enthusiasm behind their team, and the partnership is a perfect match as they can only rely on innovative, tried, and reliable tools to enhance their success. Check them out on social media and

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