Tom Rowland

Tom Rowland - Host of Saltwater Experience

SALT (Primarily - but he does everything!)

LOCATION: Islamorada, FL

Craziest fish story?

It is hard to top the first time we ever targeted the Hammerheads that were eating our tarpon. We decided to do a show on it at Long Key Bridge and I caught one that was 13.5 feet long and bigger around than I could believe. I have no idea how much it weighed because we released it, but it was as big as Hammerhead sharks grow. We had to fight it through the bridge a number of times and it is still the largest fish I have ever caught.

Who got you into fishing?

My Dad was instrumental in teaching me how to fish for bluegill and bass. Later, Outfitter Joe Bressler in Jackson WY, gave me my first guide opportunity.

Where do you wish you were right now?

Seconds before casting to a tailing permit with my wife and kids on the boat.

Dream job if you weren't fishing?

Navy Seal.

Least favorite part of your job?


What makes a good fisherman?

A good fisherman in my opinion, is someone who is constantly learning and dedicated to improving their skills. Homework is crucially important and often overlooked.

Something nobody knows about you?

I'm an open book. I guess that some people might not know that I enjoy competing in CrossFit Events and was 49th in the World this year in my age group.