huk x barstool outdoors

out of office ep. 1

Spearfishing in the Bahamas

Sydnie takes "The Wonton Don" out of the Barstool Office, spearfishing in the Bahamas. Donny lives up to his name, and conquers his fear of sharks.

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out of office ep. 2

Goliath Fishing in the Keys

Sydnie Wells takes Barstool Sport's very own Tommy Smokes & Hannah Cook to catch Goliath grouper with Two Conch Sport Fishing! Watch as these two newbies reel in a GIANT.

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out of office ep. 3

Tuna Fishing in Cape Cod

Sydnie ventures out to Cape Cod to offshore fish with Captain Jeff alongside her barstool sports coworkers. Pat has been fishing a time or two but Joey is as city as it gets. Watch as they reel in a massive yellowfin tuna.

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out of office ep. 4

White Marlin in Ocean City

Sydnie Wells takes Barstool's MeganMakinMoney to the Big Fish Classic tournament down in Ocean City, MD. They go after some white marlin on the Christine Marie.

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out of office ep. 5


Sydnie takes a couple barstool employees to Venice, LA with Mexican Gulf Fishing.

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huk x barstool outdoors

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flagship ep. 1

Alabama blue gill fishing

Sydnie pairs up with our Pro Staff member, Sarah Parvin at the "Slab Lab" nestled in the mountains of North Alabama to catch some monster Blue Gill.

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flagship ep. 2

tarpon fishing in the keys

Sydnie Wells heads back down to Marathon, Florida where she is meeting up with Austin Carlson from Two Conch Charters to catch some tarpon.

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flagship ep. 3

Snook Fishing in Florida

Sydnie meets up with her friend and snook expert Ryan Nitz in Jupiter, Fl to fish brackish water in the back country. These elusive and very smart fish are a lot tougher than imagined.


flagship ep. 4

Tripletail Fishing in Venice, LA

Sydnie Wells partners with Jordy at Mexican Gulf Fishing to get after some tripletail in Louisiana.

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