Andy Helms

Andy Helms


LOCATION: Ocean City, MD

Reel Joy and En Joy

Craziest fish story?

I’d say it’s between catching a 7 banger of striped marlins during the 2017 Los Suenos tournament but only having 6 counts and catching 31 white marlins in a day with one angler and 2 mates. Both were utter chaos.

Who got you into fishing?

I started fishing on rivers and lakes as a kid with my dad. My first job on a boat was with Capt. Stu Windsor on the Lisa out of Ocean City Maryland. But really got started with the help of Chad Meeks and Chris Watkowski.

Where do you wish you were right now?

Would like to be at the fads in Costa Rica right now.

Dream job if you weren't fishing?

Fishing is definitely my dream job.

Least favorite part of your job?

Least favorite part of my job is when stuff breaks for no reason.

What makes a good fisherman?

Attention to detail is what makes a good fisherman. Noticing little subtleties and paying attention to things other guys don’t notice.

Something nobody knows about you?

I was born in and lived in Arkansas till I was 11.