KC Scott Collection

Award-winning artist KC Scott was born and raised in Richland, Michigan. He lived his entire childhood on Gull Lake where he spent countless hours on and under the water. He got his first taste of saltwater at the age of two during his family's yearly vacations to the Florida Keys. 

In 2014, KC was invited to team up with Huk to adorn our high performance fishing apparel with his energetic, lifelike designs. The passion for the outdoors and life under the water that KC and Huk share has resulted in a strong partnership and the creation of the KC Scott Collection, where first-class performance and world-class art are combined to create an industry-leading brand.

KC credits his dad, Jim, and his Grandpa, Darl, for providing his life-long love of fishing and diving. The experiences he has had with his dad and grandpa have given him a vast portfolio of imagery to inspire his artwork. Continually on the hunt for more incredible subjects to paint, KC has spent even more time fishing and freediving. From largemouth bass to giant billfish, KC has encountered all of the subjects he paints during his adventures in the water. It's these experiences that have led him to paint the most vivid and lifelike pieces that continue to win awards and acclaim.