Sun Protection for Anglers

Sun protection is important for everyone, but anglers, who spend hours in the sun chasing fish, need to be especially aware of avoiding over-exposure, which can lead to painful sunburns, wrinkles, and even skin cancer.

Take a look at these quick tips to learn how you can protect your skin and spend more time on your favorite activity...

Fish in the Mornings and in the Evenings

The sun is at its worst during the middle of the day, so keep your fishing to the mornings and the evenings to avoiding sunburns. You are most likely to get a painful burn between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm, when the sun is overhead. Think of it this way, the shorter your shadow, the more likely you are to get burned. When the sun is at an angle, light travels through more of the Earth’s atmosphere, which blocks some of the harmful UV rays. Fishing during the mornings and evenings is also a tried-and-true practice for catching more fish, so it just makes sense: more fish, less sunburn!

Fish From the Shade if You Can

If possible, try to fish from a shady spot. The type of fishing you are doing will affect whether or not you can reach shade. When fishing from the shores of a lake or river, try to find a spot underneath trees or structure that will keep the sun off your skin. If you’re surfcasting, take a chair and a beach umbrella so you can sit and enjoy the scenery without getting burned. Fishing from a boat? If the boat has a shaded area, like a cabin or awning, take a few breaks from the sun and relax in the shade. Keep an eye out for shady spots and be creative; you’ll avoid burns and be able to stay on the water longer.

Wear the Right Sunscreen 

There are many sunscreen products available, but they are not all created equal. As an angler, choosing sunscreen that will protect your skin for hours, even in wet conditions, is very important. Find a sunscreen that is at least 30 SPF and offers multi-spectrum protection. Also, make sure your sunscreen is water-resistant. This is a practical tip for anyone, as sweat or water can cause your sunscreen to run off. For an angler, this is especially important, because you are constantly exposed to splashes and sprays. Wear your sunscreen, and always remember to reapply every few hours.

Choose the Best Accessories

Wearing the right accessories will help you stay protected from the sun. When you go fishing, don’t forget to bring along your sunglasses to protect your eyes and the skin around them. You should also look for a wide-brimmed hat that can protect your face and neck. Light-fabric fishing gloves are another great choice, and there are plenty of durable, flexible gloves for fishing.

Bring Your Huk Apparel

To complete your sun protection, make sure your wardrobe includes high-quality fishing apparel from Huk. These long-sleeve shirts have a light, durable fabric that helps keep the harmful sun off your body. For added sun protection, you can go with the Huk face gaitor. This handy fishing mask is built from the same high-quality materials we use on our shirts with added mesh along the back to keep you cool, making it an essential part of your fishing apparel.

Protect Yourself from the Sun with Huk

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