Bass Fishing: A Coast To Coast Addiction

Americans just can’t seem to get enough bass fishing. These highly-prized fish, especially the largemouth bass, are pursued by anglers in practically every state, and are the target for hundreds of fishing tournaments across the country.

Bass are found in almost every part of the country, and because of their popularity as a sport fish, they have even been introduced in Europe, Guam, Japan,  New Zealand, and other areas.

While they can be kept and eaten, most anglers simply catch and release bass. Bass are excellent sport fish, and many people choose to release the fish back into the water to preserve the population.

There are numerous ways to fish for bass. Bass are typically caught on artificial lures, but they can also be found with the classic hook and worm. You can use spinning baits, crank baits, jigs, chatter baits, and plastic swimming baits. Bass will strike on just about anything that moves, giving you plenty of options for bass fishing.

One of the most exciting ways to fish for bass is with a top-water lure that mimics a frog or mouse. On a warm, calm day, casting a plastic frog into some lily pads and gently splashing the lure triggers a bass’ feeding instincts, prompting the bass to swim up and bite, and giving you one of the most exiting strikes you’ll ever get. Some anglers even say that one bass caught on a top-water lure is worth ten any other way. (Unfortunately this way of counting doesn't apply for bass tournaments!)

Don’t Forget the Smallmouth Bass

Pound-for-pound, the smallmouth bass is one of the toughest best fighters around. While largemouth are usually found in lakes and ponds the “smallie” is more common in moving water like rivers and streams. Similar to the largemouth, smallmouth bass are caught on a wide variety of lures, but spinner baits and fly tackle are popular for anglers on rivers.

Bass Fishing Shirts for Any Angler

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