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Huk Performance Fishing Gears up for Elite Series TV and Tournaments

February 11, 2015

HT3 Outdoors, LLC, producer of professional Elite redfish events throughout the Gulf Coast region, is supporting  Huk Performance Fishing Gear for both its tournament and television series of Huk Professional Fishing Gear, an industry leader in state of the art, head turning apparel and gear. The 2015 Academy Sports and Outdoors Professional Redfish Series will have a singular format for competition, The Yellowfin Elite Series will match the best inshore anglers in the country in a head to head, man to man competition that only leaves room in the boat for a 2nd person if that person is a cameraman or tour official. That’s right, one angler per boat, no teammates, no draw partners, no one to hold your hand and make you feel better when you’re bouncing across 6′ waves in the Gulf of Mexico in pursuit of record setting limits and paybacks. The Yellowfin Elite Series is not for the faint of heart, it’s built only for the best of the best, just like Huk Performance Fishing Gear. The exciting series, its anglers, their families, friends and fans will benefit from the partnership of another quality company trusting it’s brand and throwing their support behind the ultimate challenge in pro red fishing, The Elite Series!  
When you think of the best of the best in professional fishing, one name stands out… Kevin Van Dam aka, K.V.D. Professional anglers are on the water 8-10 hours a day and sometimes more. What do they know that makes them choose Huk?
Experienced anglers like K.V.D., Gerald Swindle, Mark Davis, Jamie Hough, Skeet Reese and others know the importance of high-quality fishing apparel. They know anglers need shirts and accessories that fit comfortably, keep you safe from the sun, and allow you to remain on the water for hours. That’s why they choose Huk Professional Fishing. Smart anglers everywhere choose fishing apparel from Huk, a leader in high-quality fishing shirts and fishing masks. Huk puts everything they have into their gear, creating the perfect apparel for anglers of all pursuits. Huk has developed cutting edge performance fishing apparel that protects you from the elements, keeps you comfortable and looking good!

Check out all the cool gear that Huk Professional Fishing has to offer by visiting their online store today at Huk Fishing dot com and be sure to keep an eye out as the 2015 Yellowfin Elite Series kicks off March 26-27-28 in Chalmette, LA as part of the 2015 Louisiana Crawfish Festival.

The Elite Series tournament, film and full production staff will all be wearing Huk gear specifically designed and tailored toward uniformity while remaining cool, both in regards to temperature as well as look!


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