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Sport Fishing Shirts For Your Passion

January 27, 2015

Fishing is one of the most enjoyable hobbies you can have, but it’s also one of the most wide-ranging. You can cast a line, sit back, relax, and wait for your first nibble, or you can go after a thrilling trophy fish that will give you the fight of a lifetime.

No matter what type of fish you’re after, Huk has the apparel you need to show your passion for fishing.

Choose the Apparel for Your Favorite Sport Fish


Possibly the most sought-after fish in America, the bass is found all over the country and makes for one of the most varied pursuits possible. You can catch largemouth and smallmouth bass with just about anything, from diving crank-baits to topwater plastic frogs to good old fashioned worms. If you’re one of the millions of Americans who love bass fishing, you can find a shirt with your favorite game on the front or the back. The Huk Bass KO Tee is a favorite choice, and comes in navy blue, black, and orange.





Also known as the red drum, the redfish a popular target for saltwater anglers from New England to the Gulf of Mexico. Usually found along the shoreline, the red fish can be caught with a wide variety of techniques, including fishing from a boat near shallow inlets or casting into the surf from a beach. For anglers who love chasing the redfish, Huk has a wide variety of choices, including the Huk Performance Redfish Logo Raglan and the Huk K Scott Redfish Tee, which has a large, detailed redfish on the back.




This one might be the most epic of all trophy fish. The marlin sets the standard for fighting power, persistence, and excitement. This highly prized fish, particularly the blue marlin that prowls the Atlantic ocean, presents unique challenges that only begin when it’s hooked. If there’s a marlin on your line, you’re in for an amazing fight, and if it jumps out of the water, you have a moment you’ll never forget. Offshore anglers who chase this incredible fish can find excellent apparel from Huk. The Huk K Scott Marlin Tee shows a marlin leaping from the water, but you can also choose the Huk Marlin Logo Tee or the Huk Distressed Sailfish SW Logo Tee, which shows another member of the popular marlin family.



Huk has something for anglers who love to get down and dirty chasing catfish too. Worldwide, there are thousands of catfish species, but here in America, the big three are blue catfish, channel catfish, and flatheads. Catching catfish is relatively simple. Does it smell? Then catfish will probably eat it. Fishermen have caught catfish with everything from manufactured stink-bait to leftover hotdogs. Some even claim to have caught catfish using pieces of soap! No matter what you’re putting on the end of your line, show your passion for muddy waters and behemoth catfish by wearing the Huk Catfish Tee, which is available in black, red, and dark grey heather.


Wear Your Favorite Fishing Apparel

You can also find Huk fishing shirts with dolphinfish, tuna, and tarpon, giving you plenty of options for any angler.

When you are looking for top-quality fishing apparel, visit our online store today. These shirts look great, and they’re made from comfortable, durable materials, giving you more enjoyment while on the water.

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