Kevin Van Dam Joins Huk Performance Fishing Team

Kevin Van Dam joins the Marolina Outdoor Team sporting the technical gear of Huk Performance Fishing on and off the water. Kevin Van Dam, sport fisherman and bass pro icon, is partnering with the new and innovative line of apparel and accessories by Huk Performance Fishing.

KVD's performance on the water, coupled with his ability to win, creates a model partnership with the new leading apparel and accessory line both on and off the water. "The apparel I wear is critical to my success. Whether I am on the water or not, I understand the true benefits of clothing with a technological focus. Wearing the proper clothing keeps me on the water fishing harder - winning more. I am backing this brand and great group of founders and I believe that my experience and influence on the features and design of the product will give a competitive advantage in the market and on the water." - KVD

"KVD joining the Huk Performance Fishing team solidifies us as a major player in the fresh water world. His knowledge on and off the water and in the market are second to none. The partnership will allow us to push Huk Performance Fishing to the limits." - Ben Verner

For more information about Huk Performance Fishing and Marolina Outdoor Inc., visit and Ben Verner, Josh Reed, and Jason Hart who had a long career at one of the top performance apparel companies in the world, founded Marolina Outdoor Inc. From their experience, they bring deep-seated expertise in technical apparel and intimate knowledge of the outdoor industry. Their insight and understanding of consumer and opportunity in the outdoor industry created a company that brings authentic and innovative designs that are technologically focused to the market.